• User friendly
    • Easy to move on thi wheels.
    • Wheel size: 200 mm. Special wheel brake system.
    • Workable height: 12.20 m.
    • Workable height: 16.20 m.
    • Wheel apparatus mountable to the scaffold system.
    • Aluminum alloy for long lasting usages.
    • Easy to move on large size wheels.
    • Abutment installation for extra reliability.
    • Adjustment arm against slidin.
    • Safe working with double fenders.
    • Manufacturing meets European Standards.
    • Optional aluminum or wooden working platforms.
    • Pliable aluminium scaffold.
    • Portable.
    • Aluminium wheel.
    • Scaffold suitable for indoor and outdoor implementatıons.
    • convinient easy installation.
    • Dimentions: 2.50 m x 1.35
    • Special security system enclosed.
    • With scaffolds.
    • External ledder system.
    • Workable Hight: 14 m
  • Adjustable with a whell arm until hight of 60 cm at inclined areas.

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